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The Art of Agile Development - Shore & Warden

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We’re slowly introducing Agile Development at work to help us deliver the systems the business needs to continue our impressive growth.

We’re probably going to end up with a mixture of Scrum and XP, and although we’ve only just started we’re beginning to see the benefit in that we have a long term plan agreed with the business which we are now delivering to.

The Art of Agile Development is an excellent book explaing how Agile Development, and specifically XP can help you. It explains all the XP practices, how to implement them and how they all fit together. The process outlined in the book won’t work for everyone, but I think everybody can learn something from it. Some of the things mentioned are just common sense and best practice anyway, but some of it is quite counter-intuative.

I found the book really interesting and we’re slowly introducing some of the practices. I recommend it to anybody who is interested in Agile Development.

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