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Facebook Open Graph

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I left my job at the Hut Group after 3.5 years and decided to move on to Morrisons to help them develop their online offering. The first thing I did on joining them was look at Open Graph in Facebook for a project they are working on.

Open Graph allows you to specify an action and an object, and do the action to the object. It will put the fact you’ve done this on you Facebook timeline for all your friends to see. On the AutoTrader website for example, you can “want” a car. The demo app from Facebook shows you how to “cook” a recipe. The possibilities are endless.

I found the whole thing really interesting. I got to write some javascript which I’ve not really done much of, and figuring out how to stop a user doing the same action twice was quite challenging.

Testing my app was a bit of a faff, as I was running on a corporate network and you need to allow Facebook access to your website. I managed to get around it by setting up a reverse ssh tunnel to an Amazon EC2 instance and forwarding the web requests from there to my application. It took me a while to get working, but it is actually dead simple once you know what you are doing.

The Facebook documentation is quite good, and the tutorial is really easy to follow. I got two relatively complicated apps going in about three days and I’m not great a javascript…

You can find out more by going to here.