The land of Shattered dreams

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Welcome to the Land of Shattered Dreams

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I’ve been blogging at as typingincolor for about three years. It started as an exercise to learn a bit about wordpress, and was a place where I reviewed whatever DVDs and books I’d been looking at.

As time progressed, I began to add some stuff about work and technology. In particular I talked a bit about the journey the company I was working for was taking into the world of agile development. I also put in some stuff about technology that I was currently looking at.

It worked (and works) pretty well, but I’ve decided to try something new. I’ve chosen to use octopress as it will let me use some technologies I’m interested in. I particularly like that the styling is done using sass and the content written in markdown. That fact that it’s built on ruby is a happy coincidence.

The other thing I do really like is that it uses git to publish the content. I can run a local copy of any changes I make and preview them locally, I can then push the content up to heroku where they are visible to the world.